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Baoyu and the Green Delight

Baoyu and the Green Delight Introduction Baoyu was sent by his grandmother to a new garden so as to cheer him up. The new garden was being built by his grandmother – Jia. Here, his grandmother wanted the Baoyu to experience something special – something that could only be achieved in the Green Delight. Her understanding of the environment in Green Delight was one of the major reasons why she opted to have Baoyu go to the garden.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Baoyu and the Green Delight specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This was done in a bid to cheer him up after the death of his best friend. Apparently, Baoyu’s best friend – Qin Zhong, had passed away. A few days after Baoyu had gone to the garden, Jia Zheng came to visit his daughter. He was accompanied by a team of men who arrived at the garden to conduct and assessment. This was to be done through inspecting the various sectors of the garden (Cao, Hawkes, Minfor d, Gao, 2.36). Men also wanted to get inscriptions about their personal experiences from the garden. During the men’s’ visit to the garden, Zheng and other people who had accompanied him ran into Baoyu. Earlier, Zheng and his men had been told of how good Baoyu was when it came to writing couplets. Zheng decided to test Baoyu’s talent by having him write a couplet about the garden. He asked Baoyu to develop a couplet that would bring out the qualities of the garden. Later, Zheng belittled efforts by Baoyu and scolded him for his criticism of the suggestions that had been given by Zheng’s men. However, they continued to be pleased with Baoyu’s talent in regards to composing couplers and providing appropriate names for the garden. (Cao, Hawkes, Minford, Gao, 2.36) Baoyu’s Life in the Garden The descriptions of the garden clearly show that its landscape provided the viewer with a beautiful and very luxurious scenery. The author has dedicated a great deal of time to explain about the setting of the Green Delight. Here, the author aimed at ensuring that the reader was able to familiarize with the setting of the garden. Creating this understanding was important as it would help in understanding the impact of the garden in regards to reformation and the process of healing. Despite the main aim of sending a boy to inspect the garden as a way to recollect himself after the loss of his best friend, sending Baoyu to the garden was also a means to broaden and stir his creativity (Cao, Hawkes, Minford, and Gao, 2.44). When he finally settled at green delights as his residence, Baoyu spent quite some time with his maids and cousins and his life became enjoyable to such an extent that he and his maids produced four garden night poems to reflect the carefree mood they lived in. For Baoyu, moving into the Garden with the girls was such a great experience and he was extremely content with his life. Everything appeared to be more relax ed in the Garden than when he was living at home. His happiness is clearly obvious from the four poems he produces while spending his time there. The poems soon became popular among the people around him and they urged him to write even more poems.Advertising Looking for essay on literature languages? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More His happiness, however, subsided into boredom after a while and he slowly started getting entertained with forbidden books about love that were brought to him by one of his servants. Despite being warned about bringing those books into the Garden, Baoyu remains defiant and does so anyway. Here, the author tries to form the background of an analysis where the character of Baoyu is becoming more and more questionable. Although Baoyu was in an environment where he was expected to be presentable, his actions remained questionable. (Cao, Hawkes, Minford, and Gao, 2.51) Green Delights as an Ar chitectural Dwelling From the descriptions given in the book, Green Delights appears to be such an amazing place of abode. The author of the book has been successful with regards to presenting the setting of the garden. Here, the author presents details that can aid the reader in formulating a mental picture of the garden (Cao, Hawkes, Minford, and Gao, 2.57). This is one of the techniques that the author has employed in presenting the cool environment that existed in Green Delights. The garden is presented as on of the best places where a person can opt to relax and unwind. The garden is quite and peaceful – able to provide a relaxing environment, unlike the other busy and noises place around the mansion. Green Delights as a Community The boundaries in the garden are relaxed and there is peace in the society within the garden. Peace is evident in the setting of the garden as well as the interaction between different people. For instance, one cannot how the coordination betwe en the mains and other people within the garden accounts for peace. The maids interact with the authorities in respect and these accounts for the efficiency of service within the boundaries of Green Delight. The people being served are also satisfied with the nature of service being provided by the maids. Here, the quality of the work being done by the maids improves as they get to interact with other people within the Green Delight. The arrangement of the garden and the manner in which people interact with nature in Green Delight is also an important element of the peace in the garden. The gardeners have taken their time to ensure that the garden is in the right setting and the garden continues to bring the relaxing serene in Green Delight. Interactions between the different people in Green Delight also accounts for the harmony in the surrounding. (Cao, Hawkes, Minford, and Gao, 2.66)Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Baoyu and the Green Delight specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Since moving to Green Delights, Baoyu’s life changed drastically. His encounter with so many people changed his perspective of many things completely. As stated earlier, Baoyu was initially able to broaden his thinking and managed to nurture his writing skills and used them to the benefit of the community. His interesting poems were liked by many and everyone was yearning for more. This went on for as long as he felt motivated to continue doing the same. His passion later died and he immediately began losing his integrity. His servants noticed his boredom and decided to offer an alternative form of entertainment (Cao, Hawkes, Minford, and Gao, 2.70). He started reading forbidden books about love and despite being cautioned, he kept on carrying the books to the garden. The more Baoyu continued to stay at Green Delight, the more he continued to change. This change is presented as a reaction to the surrounding at Gre en Delight. Basically, the author tries to present the impact of the surrounding in the garden to character reformation. Green Delights Reflection of Baoyu’s Character and Values Since moving to Green Delights, Baoyu’s life changed drastically. His encounter with so many people changed his perspective of many things completely. As stated earlier, Baoyu was initially able to broaden his thinking and managed to nurture his writing skills and used them to the benefit of the community. His interesting poems were liked by many and everyone was yearning for more. This went on for as long as he felt motivated to continue doing the same. His passion later died and he immediately began losing his integrity. His servants noticed his boredom and decided to offer an alternative form of entertainment. He started reading forbidden books about love and despite being cautioned, he kept on carrying the books to the garden. Clearly, Baoyu was slowly losing touch with these values and ac cording to some women who surrounded him, he certainly needed reform. Other women, however, were simply sympathetic to his condition at the time. Daiyu, one of his closest friends seemed to be hurt as if she had been greatly affected herself. The charmingly nurturing and yielding Aroma, on the other hand, appeared to be someone who has just got herself into Baoyu’s life for her own ambitions. To some people, this was no news as they had already visualized it coming way back. (Cao, Hawkes, Minford, and Gao, 2.76)Advertising Looking for essay on literature languages? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Later, in a discussion with Aroma, Baoyu wished that he could die in the presence of all the women and had his corpse float on the women’s tears to a faraway place where even a bird could not fly to. This is a clear indication that Baoyu was equally displeased with his own life and felt that he had no reason to live. His experiences in life must have greatly contributed to his thinking in this manner. Conclusion As it has been discussed in this essay, it is clear that one’s character can be easily influenced by the surrounding environment. It only had to take Baoyu from his quiet environment to a more vibrant one that his life was completely transformed. Sadly, the transformation was mostly negative. Baoyu’s situation depicts a common scenario of one starting quite well in life but loses direction along the way. From being an innocent young man, he slowly veered towards the wrong and undesirable path. Cao, X. and Hawkes, D. and Minford, J. and Gao, E. The story of the stone: a Chinese novel Vol. 2. Virginia: Penguin Books, 1973. Print.

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Solution and explain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Solution and explain - Essay Example Hence OpenBSD is recommended for servers. FreeBSD, a product of Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), is a PC compatible operating systems(OS) which can support Intel x86 family(IA-32) including MS Xbox and other systems like AMD 64, PowerPC and NEC PC-98 architectures. It is termed as a complete OS. The kernel, device driver and all sort of utilities like shell are incorporated in the one source code revision tracking tree(CVS). This OS is well known for its reliability and robustness. It has also been noticed in the long use of this OS that "no crashes have occurred and that no kernel updates have been deemed necessary, as installing a new kernel requires a reboot and resets the uptime counter of the system." (FreeBSD). Hence it is best OS for desktop systems considering its reliability and compatibility and ability of reporting uptime precisely. Formulating a data backup policy ensures data security from unexpected hazards. It is applied to safeguard the information resources that prevent data loss or data corruption. Data loss can expected any time by "an accidental deletion or corruption of data, system failure, or disaster". (Purpose and Scope: Data Backup Policy 2007).

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Expatriate Adjustment of Spouses and Expatriate Managers Case Study - 42

Expatriate Adjustment of Spouses and Expatriate Managers - Case Study Example There were times when she used to cry and we tried to support her during that time and be close to her†¦it was difficult for all of us† (Andreason, 2008). The problem, in my opinion, despite the pressures of children getting by in a foreign country, zeroes down on the language barrier (Andreason, 2008). The problems could have been handled by taking beginner and proficiency courses in the individual languages before they left home. As Andreason (2008 p. 382) points out, another problem is the perceived lack or presence of organizational support. For some expatriates and repatriates, the countries they were situated in could make or break their stay, resources, and performance. One British male says, â€Å"the expat thing, they help you how to find a house†¦sort out the bits and the balls as it is daunting and very time consuming to do it in a different language†¦compensation, additional support one receives, housing agencies and a trip home every year† (Andreason, 2008). It is in itself an opportunity. But in its absence, the person suffers as shown in another expatriate who says â€Å"...Little support in making the transition. No formal program to...put you in an apartment, orient you in the city†¦that was irresponsible† (Andreason, 2008). How to solve this before the expatriates left home was to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the job (Andreason, 2008). If all these services were not provided by the host countries and companies, they would have contracted companies providing such to avoid frustrations when they arrived. Andreason (2008) concurs that cultural bias could be another problem with expatriates. In Germany, for example, the model of the male being the bread-winner for the family is quite predominant. In this case, any female expatriate would expect perceptions about them with respect to organizational support or the work-family conflict to be biased in a German context before even moving to the country.  

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The Reality of the Truth Essay Example for Free

The Reality of the Truth Essay What exactly is the truth? Is it reality, sincerity, integrity? Is it accuracy and honesty? How can we tell the difference between the truth and lies? Why does the media have the power to decide for us what is true? As Oscar Wilde once said The truth is rarely pure and never simple. This statement sums up the difficulties of telling the truth, and this is furthermore shown in Rob Sitch et als Frontline, Lies by Michael Leunig and the poem Nothing to Report by May Herschel Clarke. The television show Frontline follows the day to day running of a current affairs show. It shows both on and off air aspects of what people involved with television go though on a daily basis. Mike Moore (Rob Sitch) plays the naive host of the show, who seems to think the whole world revolves around him. An example of this is when Emma sarcastically thanks him for helping with a story and he says Thats ok. Brian is the executive manager of the show and he ultimately decides what is shown on the show and what isnt. Brooke is another reporter who uses deception and manipulation to present the truth. Emma does work behind the scenes and often she should be credited, but the reporters need their ego maintained so she is never recognised for her hard work. Marty is another reporter who has been in the business for a long time, and although he knows about Frontline presenting the incorrect truth, he does nothing to stop them. Like all current affairs shows, the team at Frontline are concerned with gaining ratings every night, rather than telling the real truth to people. One example of this is during the episode Add sex and stir where Brooke interviews a woman booted off her sports team because she wasnt a lesbian. This in fact is not the truth because she was kicked off the team due to her poor form, not her sexuality. Viewers are then manipulated into thinking that the sport is a lesbian sport, and the reputations of the team and sport are ruined. Marty sums up this sensationalising of real truth in one quote, Ancient current affairs recipe my grandmother gave me, you take any story, add sex and stir (Marty, Add sex and stir) Dismissal of the real truth is another technique that the current affairs show Frontline uses to gain ratings. In the episode We aint got dames, Mike wishes to do a story on illegal sweatshops, but Brian dismisses it as being too heavy for the viewers. After much persuasion, Mike thinks he has convinced Brian to show his story (because his ego has finally been satisfied), but the story ends up being a fashion show, totally insulting any work that Mike has done. Although this story did attract more viewers than the sweatshop story would have, it only promotes the fact that viewers lack in knowledge about the real current issues, and they need to show pretty people with bright lights to get their attention. There are many techniques used in Frontline which expose the manipulation that current affairs shows go through to gain ratings. Irony is shown in the episode The siege, where Brooke asks Mrs. Forbes to sign a contract so only frontline can report her story because, Some shows are very unscrupulous (Brooke, The Seige) Brooke says not to give the story to other stations because they might twist her story around to bring out a point she wasnt making, but the irony was that their show was doing exactly that. Use of a handheld camera behind the scenes of the current affairs show can bring out the truth behind the lies, what we see on television may not be true in real life. This applies to Mike in the episode Add sex and stir where he is on Burkes Backyard. He is asked questions about current affairs and does not know how to answer them, then tries to defend himself by asking Burke about plants but he knows everything about them. Although he is shown as an intelligent and well presented man on television, in real life he doesnt know anything. This is also seen when Mike takes part in an ABC debate, but during his introduction all of his material is said and Mike doesnt have anything good to say, which shows that he is not a good speaker in person as he is behind the desk. There is also use of verisimilitude in the show Frontline, with many real media personalities being on the show to make it seem more realistic in telling the truth. Examples of these celebrities are Harry M Miller, Cheryl Kernot, and Bert Newton. The cartoon Lies by Michael Leunig also exposes that the media manipulates and distorts the truth, so it really is presented to us as a lie or the untruth. The cartoon shows people living in their world, but everything has the label lies on it. The billboard which says lies shows that many companies engage in deceptive advertising, and although they arent supposed to do that, they still convince people to buying their products. The newspaper titled lies shows that journalists write from their own perspective and can distort the truth to suit their opinions. The person wearing the lies shirt shows that behind brand name corporations there are lies. An example of this is making clothing in sweatshops then selling it for triple the price of what its really worth (like Nike shoes) and people are paying top dollar just to wear a symbol, which supposedly brings them into an elite group of people, but really they are just lying to themselves. The point Michael Leunig is trying to make is enforced through the main technique of repetition. The word lies is seen 11 times in the comic, and it is the only word on the cartoon. If lies was only mentioned once, many people would not take notice of it, but since it is printed on the billboard, buildings, truck, newspaper, shirt and drink, it shows that lies are everywhere and it really is a big issue. Like the television series Frontline, this cartoon exposes that the world we live in is full of lies and deception, and the media controls what we see and listen to. It is their opinion what we believe, and many people, rather than refuting what is being presented to them in the media, just believe it and keep going with their lives. The poem Nothing to Report by May Herschel Clarke is written during the war times (1940s). During this time, leaders of the country were trying to convince people to fight overseas as a soldier, with hope of coming back as a brave hero. For this heroic image to come to light, anything negative about death in the war would have to be shielded from the people, or else they wouldnt enlist. Ms Clarkes poem targets this issue, talking about how easily death can come, One minute we was laughin next he lays beside me, grinnin dead. After the death, the papers had nothing to report; therefore they were with holding the truth from people. May Herschel Clarke couldnt possibly have been the only one with a death not reported, but no one else seemed to be doing anything about it, because the media has always been very powerful. The poem is written in colloquial language, which could reflect on her education, upbringing or location. This could also be written in that style to follow a rhyming sequence. The last line is a metaphor which shows that the paper is such an effective form of communication, it might as well be a person. Theres nothin to report the papers said This text is very similar to the television series Frontline, in trying to expose the media in its with holding and distortion of the truth. Another example in frontline of withholding the truth is during the episode This night of nights where Mike wishes to do a story about Telecom tapping into phone conversations, but seeing as they are a major sponsor of the television show, frontline cant expose the truth, and give Mike a mobile phone to help him forget about it. If this truth was exposed, telecom would have received many complaints and much abuse, but they would have deserved it. Instead there are still people at home not suspecting a thing. In the end Mike is disadvantaged from not pursuing the story because they listen to his phone conversation about being caught drink driving, and expose him in the newspapers. In the poem Nothing to report, the last line sums up that the media does with hold information and it shouldnt be their right to decide what we see or dont see. Telling the truth is a hard concept to deal with. From the texts Frontline (Rob Sitch et. al. ), Lies by Michael Leunig and Nothing to Report by May. Herschel Clarke we can see that the media does control what we see and believe, but it isnt necessarily the truth. Why does the media have the power to decide what is true? Well if they presented us the facts and let us decide for ourselves, they wouldnt have ratings. We are surrounded by the media (as seen in lies) and it is hard for us to ignore it all. The truth is rarely pure and never simple, in listening to the truth there is always some form of bias, but we must leave it to ourselves to find out many versions of the so called truth and decide for ourselves what we believe.

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USA Vs. Russia: Missile Defense :: essays research papers

National Missile Defense: USA Vs. Russia For the past several years, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and most congressional Republicans have wanted to set up a national missile defense system, designed to defend the United States against a small number of long-range missiles. The Clinton administration maintained that there was no current or potential missile threat to the United States that would justify the deployment of such a defense. At the same time the administration has pursued its "3+3" plan to spend three years developing a national missile defense -- by 2000 -- that could then be deployed in another three years -- by 2003, if a decision were made to deploy. George W. Bush, upon being elected, has given 6 months notice that the US is going to back out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty signed in 1972 (which clearly states that we cannot build a national missile defense), in order to establish our national missile defense system. The reason simply being the fear of attacks from countries with long range missiles as well as other nuclear weapons. Countries such as China, North Korea, and Iraq. Russia, among other countries, were angered by the US's decision to back out of the treaty, therefore adding to the conflict. Most people are not clear on what exactly the missile defense system is, or what it does. Basically it's, as Bush puts it, a system for intercepting other countries nuclear missiles aimed for us with a dummy non-explosive missile of our own. For example, if North Korea invaded South Korea and the US threatened to intervene, North Korea could threaten us back with a nuclear missile aimed for New York, Los Angeles, or any major city or landmark in our country. Bush would be willing to take the risk of the missile defense system intercepting the enemy missile, even though more than half the tests of the system have not worked correctly. Russia's view on the United State's construction of a missile defense system is naturally not a positive one. Peter Kilfoyle, a loudmouth critic of Russia's defense policies has been a persistent thorn in the side of the government on defense issues. He criticised the "unilateralism" of the US administration in pressing ahead with the missile defence plan, warning that the Russians had been left feeling "peeved and let down", while the Chinese were about to quadruple their stock of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

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Foundation and Empire 1. Search For Magicians

BEL RIOSE†¦ In his relatively short career, Riose earned the title of â€Å"The Last of the Imperials† and earned it well. A study of his campaigns reveals him to be the equal of Peurifoy in strategic ability and his superior perhaps in his ability to handle men. That he was born in the days of the decline of Empire made it all but impossible for him to equal Peurifoy's record as a conqueror. Yet he had his chance when, the first of the Empire's generals to do so, he faced the Foundation squarely†¦ Encyclopedia Galactica *All quotations from the Encyclopedia Galactica here reproduced are taken from the 116th Edition published in 1020 F.E. by the Encyclopedia Galactica Publishing Co., Terminus, with permission of the publishers. Bel Riose traveled without escort, which is not what court etiquette prescribes for the head of a fleet stationed in a yet-sullen stellar system on the Marches of the Galactic Empire. But Bel Riose was young and energetic – energetic enough to be sent as near the end of the universe as possible by an unemotional and calculating court – and curious besides. Strange and improbable tales fancifully-repeated by hundreds and murkily-known to thousands intrigued the last faculty; the possibility of a military venture engaged the other two. The combination was overpowering. He was out of the dowdy ground-car he had appropriated and at the door of the fading mansion that was his destination. He waited. The photonic eye that spanned the doorway was alive, but when the door opened it was by hand. Bel Riose smiled at the old man. â€Å"I am Riose-â€Å" â€Å"I recognize you.† The old man remained stiffly and unsurprised in his place. â€Å"Your business?† Riose withdrew a step in a gesture of submission. â€Å"One of peace. If you are Ducem Barr, I ask the favor of conversation.† Ducem Barr stepped aside and in the interior of the house the walls glowed into life, The general entered into daylight. He touched the wall of the study, then stared at his fingertips. â€Å"You have this on Siwenna?† Barr smiled thinly. â€Å"Not elsewhere, I believe. I keep this in repair myself as well as I can. I must apologize for your wait at the door. The automatic device registers the presence of a visitor but will no longer open the door.† â€Å"Your repairs fall short?† The general's voice was faintly mocking. â€Å"Parts are no longer available. If you will sit, sir. You drink tea?† â€Å"On Siwenna? My good sir, it is socially impossible not to drink it here.† The old patrician retreated noiselessly with a slow bow that was part of the ceremonious legacy left by the aristocracy of the last century's better days. Riose looked after his host's departing figure, and his studied urbanity grew a bit uncertain at the edges. His education had been purely military; his experience likewise. He had, as the cliche‚ has it, faced death many times; but always death of a very familiar and tangible nature, Consequently, there is no inconsistency in the fact that the idolized lion of the Twentieth Fleet felt chilled in the suddenly musty atmosphere of an ancient room. The general recognized the small black-ivroid boxes that lined the shelves to be books. Their titles were unfamiliar. He guessed that the large structure at one end of the room was the receiver that transmuted the books into sight-and-sound on demand. He had never seen one in operation; but he had heard of them. Once he had been told that long before, during the golden ages when the Empire had been co-extensive with the entire Galaxy, nine houses out of every ten had such receivers – and such rows of books. But there were borders to watch now; books were for old men. And half the stories told about the old days were mythical anyway. More than half. The tea arrived, and Riose seated himself. Ducem Barr lifted his cup. â€Å"To your honor.† â€Å"Thank you. To yours.† Ducem Barr said deliberately, â€Å"You are said to be young. Thirty-five?† â€Å"Near enough. Thirty-four.† â€Å"In that case,† said Barr, with soft emphasis, â€Å"I could not begin better than by informing you regretfully that I am not in the possession of love charms, potions, or philtres. Nor am I in the least capable of influencing the favors of any young lady as may appeal to you.† â€Å"I have no need of artificial aids in that respect, sir.† The complacency undeniably present in the general's voice was stirred with amusement. â€Å"Do you receive many requests for such commodities?† â€Å"Enough. Unfortunately, an uninformed public tends to confuse scholarship with magicianry, and love life seems to be that factor which requires the largest quantity of magical tinkering.† â€Å"And so would seem most natural. But I differ. I connect scholarship with nothing but the means of answering difficult questions.† The Siwennian considered somberly, â€Å"You may be as wrong as they!† â€Å"That may turn out or not.† The young general set down his cup in its flaring sheath and it refilled. He dropped the offered flavor-capsule into it with a small splash. â€Å"Tell me then, patrician, who are the magicians? The real ones.† Barr seemed startled at a title long-unused. He said, â€Å"There are no magicians.† â€Å"But people speak of them. Siwenna crawls with the tales of them. There are cults being built about them. There is some strange connection between it and those groups among your countrymen who dream and drivel of ancient days and what they call liberty and autonomy. Eventually the matter might become a danger to the State.† The old man shook his head. â€Å"Why ask me? Do you smell rebellion, with myself at the head?† Riose shrugged, â€Å"Never. Never. Oh, it is not a thought completely ridiculous. Your father was an exile in his day; you yourself a patriot and a chauvinist in yours. It is indelicate in me as a guest to mention it, but my business here requires it. And yet a conspiracy now? I doubt it. Siwenna has had the spirit beat out of it these three generations.† The old man replied with difficulty, â€Å"I shall be as indelicate a host as you a guest. I shall remind you that once a viceroy thought as you did of the spiritless Siwennians. By the orders of that viceroy my father became a fugitive pauper, my brothers martyrs, and my sister a suicide. Yet that viceroy died a death sufficiently horrible at the hands of these same slavish Siwennians.† â€Å"Ah, yes, and there you touch nearly on something I could wish to say. For three years the mysterious death of that viceroy has been no mystery to me. There was a young soldier of his personal guard whose actions were of interest. You were that soldier, but there is no need of details, I think.† Barr was quiet. â€Å"None. What do you propose?† â€Å"That you answer my questions.† â€Å"Not under threats. I am old enough for life not to mean particularly overmuch.† â€Å"My good sir, these are hard times,† said Riose, with meaning, â€Å"and you have children and friends. You have a country for which you have mouthed phrases of love and folly in the past. Come, if I should decide to use force, my aim would not be so poor as to strike you.† Barr said coldly, â€Å"What do you want?† Riose held the empty cup as he spoke. â€Å"Patrician, listen to me. These are days when the most successful soldiers are those whose function is to lead the dress parades that wind through the imperial palace grounds on feast days and to escort the sparkling pleasure ships that carry His Imperial Splendor to the summer planets. I†¦ I am a failure. I am a failure at thirty-four, and I shall stay a failure. Because, you see, I like to fight. â€Å"That's why they sent me here. I'm too troublesome at court. I don't fit in with the etiquette. I offend the dandies and the lord admirals, but I'm too good a leader of ships and men to be disposed of shortly be being marooned in space. So Siwenna is the substitute. It's a frontier world; a rebellious and a barren province. It is far away, far enough away to satisfy all. â€Å"And so I moulder. There are no rebellions to stamp down, and the border viceroys do not revolt lately, at least, not since His Imperial Majesty's late father of glorious memory made an example of Mountel of Paramay.† â€Å"A strong Emperor,† muttered Barr. â€Å"Yes, and we need more of them. He is my master; remember that. These are his interests I guard.† Barr shrugged unconcernedly. â€Å"How does all this relate to the subject?† â€Å"I'll show you in two words. The magicians I've mentioned come from beyond-out there beyond the frontier guards, where the stars are scattered thinly-â€Å" â€Å"‘Where the stars are scattered thinly,†Ã¢â‚¬Ëœ quoted Barr, â€Å"‘And the cold of space seeps in.†Ã¢â‚¬Ëœ â€Å"Is that poetry?† Riose frowned. Verse seemed frivolous at the moment. â€Å"In any case, they're from the Periphery – from the only quarter where I am free to fight for the glory of the Emperor.† â€Å"And thus serve His Imperial Majesty's interests and satisfy your own love of a good fight.† â€Å"Exactly. But I must know what I fight; and there you can help.† â€Å"How do you know?† Riose nibbled casually at a cakelet. â€Å"Because for three years I have traced every rumor, every myth, every breath concerning the magicians – and of all the library of information I have gathered, only two isolated facts are unanimously agreed upon, and are hence certainly true. The first is that the magicians come from the edge of the Galaxy opposite Siwenna; the second is that your father once met a magician, alive and actual, and spoke with him.† The aged Siwennian stared unblinkingly, and Riose continued, â€Å"You had better tell me what you know-â€Å" Barr said thoughtfully, â€Å"It would be interesting to tell you certain things. It would be a psychohistoric experiment of my own.† â€Å"What kind of experiment?† â€Å"Psychohistoric.† The old man had an unpleasant edge to his smile. Then, crisply, â€Å"You'd better have more tea. I'm going to make a bit of a speech.† He leaned far back into the soft cushions of his chair. The wall-lights had softened to a pink-ivory glow, which mellowed even the soldier's hard profile. Ducem Barr began, â€Å"My own knowledge is the result of two accidents; the accidents of being born the son of my father, and of being born the native of my country. It begins over forty years ago, shortly after the great Massacre, when my father was a fugitive in the forests of the South, while I was a gunner in the viceroy's personal fleet. This same viceroy, by the way, who had ordered the Massacre, and who died such a cruel death thereafter.† Barr smiled grimly, and continued, â€Å"My father was a Patrician of the Empire and a Senator of Siwenna. His name was Onum Barr.† Riose interrupted impatiently, â€Å"I know the circumstances of his exile very well. You needn't elaborate upon it.† The Siwennian ignored him and proceeded without deflection. â€Å"During his exile a wanderer came upon him; a merchant from the edge of the Galaxy; a young man who spoke a strange accent, knew nothing of recent Imperial history, and who was protected by an individual force-shield.† â€Å"An individual force-shield?† Riose glared. â€Å"You speak extravagance. What generator could be powerful enough to condense a shield to the size of a single man? By the Great Galaxy, did he carry five thousand myria-tons of nuclear power-source about with him on a little wheeled gocart?† Barr said quietly, â€Å"This is the magician of whom you hear whispers, stories and myths. The name ‘magician' is not lightly earned. He carried no generator large enough to be seen, but not the heaviest weapon you can carry in your hand would have as much as creased the shield he bore.† â€Å"Is this all the story there is? Are the magicians born of maunderings of an old man broken by suffering and exile?† â€Å"The story of the magicians antedated even my father, sir. And the proof is more concrete. After leaving my father, this merchant that men call a magician visited a Tech-man at the city to which my father had guided him, and there he left a shield-generator of the type he wore. That generator was retrieved by my father after his return from exile upon the execution of the bloody viceroy. It took a long time to find- â€Å"The generator hangs on the wall behind you, sir. It does not work. It never worked but for the first two days; but if you'll look at it, you will see that no one in the Empire ever designed it.† Bel Riose reached for the belt of linked metal that clung to the curved wall. It came away with a little sucking noise as the tiny adhesion-field broke at the touch of his hand. The ellipsoid at the apex of the belt held his attention. It was the size of a walnut. â€Å"This-† he said. â€Å"Was the generator,† nodded Barr. â€Å"But it was the generator. The secret of its workings are beyond discovery now. Sub-electronic investigations have shown it to be fused into a single lump of metal and not all the most careful study of the diffraction patterns have sufficed to distinguish the discrete parts that had existed before fusion.† â€Å"Then your ‘proof' still lingers on the frothy border of words backed by no concrete evidence.† Barr shrugged. â€Å"You have demanded my knowledge of me and threatened its extortion by force. If you choose to meet it with skepticism, what is that to me? Do you want me to stop?† â€Å"Go on!† said the general, harshly. â€Å"I continued my father's researches after he died, and then the second accident I mentioned came to help me, for Siwenna was well known to Hari Seldon.† â€Å"And who is Hari Seldon?† â€Å"Hari Seldon was a scientist of the reign of the Emperor, Daluben IV. He was a psychohistorian; the last and greatest of them all. He once visited Siwenna, when Siwenna was a great commercial center, rich in the arts and sciences.† â€Å"Hmph,† muttered Riose, sourly, â€Å"where is the stagnant planet that does not claim to have been a land of overflowing wealth in older days?† â€Å"The days I speak of are the days of two centuries ago, when the Emperor yet ruled to the uttermost star; when Siwenna was a world of the interior and not a semi-barbarian border province. In those days, Hari Seldon foresaw the decline of Imperial power and the eventual barbarization of the entire Galaxy.† Riose laughed suddenly. â€Å"He foresaw that? Then he foresaw wrong, my good scientist. I suppose you call yourself that. Why, the Empire is more powerful now than it has been in a millennium. Your old eyes are blinded by the cold bleakness of the border. Come to the inner worlds some day; come to the warmth and the wealth of the center.† The old man shook his head somberly. â€Å"Circulation ceases first at the outer edges. It will take a while yet for the decay to reach the heart. That is, the apparent, obvious-to-all decay, as distinct from the inner decay that is an old story of some fifteen centuries.† â€Å"And so this Hari Seldon foresaw a Galaxy of uniform barbarism,† said Riose, good-humoredly. â€Å"And what then, eh?† â€Å"So he established two foundations at the extreme opposing ends of the Galaxy – Foundations of the best, and the youngest, and the strongest, there to breed, grow, and develop. The worlds on which they were placed were chosen carefully; as were the times and the surroundings. All was arranged in such a way that the future as foreseen by the unalterable mathematics of psychohistory would involve their early isolation from the main body of Imperial civilization and their gradual growth into the germs of the Second Galactic Empire – cutting an inevitable barbarian interregnum from thirty thousand years to scarcely a single thousand.† â€Å"And where did you find out all this? You seem to know it in detail.† â€Å"I don't and never did,† said the patrician with composure. â€Å"It is the painful result of the piecing together of certain evidence discovered by my father and a little more found by myself. The basis is flimsy and the superstructure has been romanticized into existence to fill the huge gaps. But I am convinced that it is essentially true.† â€Å"You are easily convinced.† â€Å"Am I? It has taken forty years of research.† â€Å"Hmph. Forty years! I could settle the question in forty days. In fact, I believe I ought to. It would be – different.† â€Å"And how would you do that?† â€Å"In the obvious way. I could become an explorer. I could find this Foundation you speak of and observe with my eyes. You say there are two?† â€Å"The records speak of two. Supporting evidence has been found only for one, which is understandable, for the other is at the extreme end of the long axis of the Galaxy.† â€Å"Well, we'll visit the near one.† The general was on his feet, adjusting his belt. â€Å"You know where to go?† asked Barr. â€Å"In a way. In the records of the last viceroy but one, he whom you murdered so effectively, there are suspicious tales of outer barbarians. In fact, one of his daughters was given in marriage to a barbarian prince. I'll find my way.† He held out a hand. â€Å"I thank you for your hospitality.† Ducem Barr touched the hand with his fingers and bowed formally. â€Å"Your visit was a great honor.† â€Å"As for the information you gave me,† continued Bel Riose, â€Å"I'll know how to thank you for that when I return.† Ducem Barr followed his guest submissively to the outer door and said quietly to the disappearing ground-car, â€Å"And if you return.†

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Essay on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the...

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Presidential Election America has lost sight of the big picture. The war on terror is not going to be won through military endeavors or through appeals for international cooperation. Sure, those are both essential parts of combating terrorism, and Americans strive to achieve in both categories. However, this is not a war to simply meet indiscriminate aggression against aggression. This is neither a World War nor a Cold War. Only about one-third of the battle against terrorism is fought through military means, and that’s the easy part. The remaining 66 percent – the bulk of the big picture – deals with convincing those hostile to American intentions that flying planes into buildings,†¦show more content†¦While more international and comprehensive news sources, such as the New York Times, tend to be more informative on the issue, there is a large variety of media sources that try to bring the issue of Israel and the Palestinians to the forefront. However, what is lacking is coverage of how American policy factors into the pending presidential election. Who stands for what, and how does it affect the vote? These questions appear to be largely unanswered by standard news sources. MEDIA COVERAGE Over the past several weeks, the situation in Israel and the occupied territories has become increasingly intense, and the American media has responded in an active fashion. On Paula Zahn’s hour-long news analysis show on CNN, Paula Zahn Now, ten minutes were dedicated to an analysis from experts on the impact of the recent killing of the new Hamas leader, Dr. Abdel Aziz Rantisi. They spoke in depth about the impacts of such Israeli military actions on the morale of the Palestinian people; however, no mention was made as to the impacts on the upcoming presidential election. In fact, very little was discussed with regards to American support of Israel in general (Paula). In the coverage of the killing on April 18, the New York Times made only a brief mention of the Bush Administration’s stance on the assassination, saying that a statement from the White House said it was, â€Å"`deeplyShow MoreRelatedThe Health Of American Politics Essay1053 Words   |  5 P agesAmerican politics and the American democracy. I am going to discuss one issue regarding each topic. In the topic of American politics, I will describe the negative impact of the Israeli lobby on the American Politic. After that, I will describe the negative impact of the electoral college system on the American democracy. The Israeli lobby and the electoral college system are affecting the health of American politics and democracy negatively. In the past few decades till now, the United States foreignRead MoreAnalysis of the Hamas-Fatah Conflict1066 Words   |  4 PagesHamas-Fatah Conflict: The conflict between Hamas and Fatah lasted for four years despite of several attempts by the two groups to put their differences aside. In addition to being known as the struggle for Palestine, the Hamas vs. Fatah rift led to various concerns on the possibility of having a Palestinian civil war. This is primarily because it was a major struggle that was described as the biggest internal disagreement in Palestinian history. The conflict between Hamas and Fatah is a rift betweenRead MoreBarack Obama s President Of The United States1417 Words   |  6 PagesMcCain, then won re-election in 2012 while running against Mitt Romney. In this paper, I will be arguing his achievements and disappointments in his foreign and domestic policies, as well as what campaign promises he has kept or broken while president of the United States. Obama s foreign policy has been the policy of the United States since his administration was inaugurated into office in January of 2009. Hillary Clinton, who ran against Obama for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008Read More The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Essay3354 Words   |  14 PagesIntroduction The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most controversial conflicts in modern history. The expansion of Israel since 1947 is seen as the beginning of the conflict, although its origins go back to the end of the 19th century, when Jewish immigration to Palestine began to increase. Since the start of the conflict, several peace negotiations have been carried out, resulting in variable degrees of success. This essay will focus on how theorists of peace and conflict have analysedRead MoreAn Informative Comparison Between The Constitution Of The United States And That Of Israel1567 Words   |  7 Pageswill be represented equally in the senate (benefiting the smaller states). The judicial power, according to the constitution, shall be vested in one supreme court, whose job it is to evaluate laws, made by congress, as unconstitutional and declare presidential acts as unconstitutional. The executive branch shall have its powers vested in the president of the United States who may run for a maximum of two four-year terms. The president may veto congressional legislation and nominate judges of the supremeRead MoreThe Israel-Palestine Conflict3449 Words   |  14 Pageslegislative elections but lost the presidential election and it is the president who conducts negotiations. The reason was the electorates disgruntlement with Fatahs corruption. Perhaps that is also a component of its failu re to make peace? ME Public opinion polls among Palestinians consistently show high levels of support for the two-state solution, which averaged 82-87% in 2000-07, while 73-77% favored reconciliation between the two peoples and 66-71% joint economic ventures between an Israeli andRead MoreThe Palestine Conflict Of Palestine2149 Words   |  9 PagesAntecedents of the Israel-Palestine Conflict The Israel-Palestine conflict has afflicted the middle east for over 90 years, acting as a breeding ground for violence and terrorism as well as costing countless of lives throughout the conflict. Israel-Palestine is an 80 mile wide area of land situated in the western Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Egypt to the south, Jordan and Syria to the east, and Lebanon to the north. Today, the crux conflict in Israel-Palestine most publiclyRead MoreRace Is A Social Construction1074 Words   |  5 PagesCatholicism that has become part of the Mexican ethnic identity. 3. Describe and discuss two examples of violence rooted in ethnic conflict. One example of violence rooted in ethnic conflict is the killing of the Tutsi during the Rwandan genocide. In Rwanda there were two main ethnic groups, the Hutu and the Tutsi. In 1994, the Hutu had the majority in the government. The conflict had its roots starting in the colonization, when the European government, believing that the Tutsi were closer to CaucasianRead MoreAnti Islam Sentiments On American Culture Essay1696 Words   |  7 Pagesaffect the world. Though the report it is obvious that there is a disconnect between those that agree with the discrimination of Muslims in society and those that oppose it. But from the report is seems rather clear that the rise is ISIS, the Presidential election, and the United States call for surveillance on Muslims have created a sense of distrust among those that follow and are sympathetic to Islam and those that oppose it. This report falls under the political, communication, historical, and religiousRead More Israel - The Presidential B rief Essay3453 Words   |  14 Pages Israel - The Presidential Brief The Current Situation In Israel And Palestine nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Israel is in a situation unlike any other country around the world. Israel has been fighting for its survival since it became a country in 1948. It is surrounded by hostile nations that want to destroy or at least diminish it. There is tremendous tension between the Palestine Liberation Members and Israeli officials and citizens. There have been peaceful rallies and bloody bus bombings.